Yakeen hota nahi. <3

Yakeen hota nahi, waqt ke rukh badalne ka, Dil rota nahi, bewaja yun muskurane ke liye, Keid rehte hai sapne in palko talle, Raaz hai dafan kayi, zindagi ke iss safar mai, Yakeen hota nahi, waqt ke rukh badalne ka. – Sakshi Bhomia Advertisements

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Good In Bad – INDIA 💜

Hello / Namaskar / Sat sri aakal / Aadab / Ram Ram / Kem cho? 😛 Its almost my four blogs i had written about my inner feelings and imaginations and about my life. In this 5 th post, i would like to put some force on the facts of today’s India. India gets its […]

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Questions without Answers!

We live in a society, where an judgement arises at a faster rate rather than answers to the situations. Point? Hahaha, i know i know this statement is just so tactful. 😅 What do i feel is that, there are hundreds and hundreds of questions which are not answered but judged first. We always judge […]

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Dil se. ❤

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mai aanaa❤ Laa laa la la lara laaa laa laa Another day went, another night on the way. “And I’m still here listening to this song, waiting for that one miracle, thinking about beloved ones, and imagining about those moments which are not yet happened.”😇 I assume that there are […]

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Every Day Matters?

Now that’s interesting how could one know the number of days, they gonna live? Let me give a try, Oh my gosh i have left with 20,440 days that means 4,90,650 hours; 672 months; and only 56 years more. Is that sufficient for my dreams or it seems to be frightening? 😳 I am laying […]

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A Stranger in the WordPress world.

Hey, Its my first blog, and i m stuck in here! Before reaching here i did some minutes googling about blogging, blogs, blogger. But seriously i didn’t get to understand much actually none. There’s one site which describes blog as “way to express yourself” , This little sentence made my mind and heart to write […]

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