Yakeen hota nahi. <3

Yakeen hota nahi, waqt ke rukh badalne ka,
Dil rota nahi, bewaja yun muskurane ke liye,
Keid rehte hai sapne in palko talle,
Raaz hai dafan kayi, zindagi ke iss safar mai,
Yakeen hota nahi, waqt ke rukh badalne ka.


– Sakshi Bhomia

Good In Bad – INDIA 💜

Hello / Namaskar / Sat sri aakal / Aadab /
Ram Ram / Kem cho? 😛
Its almost my four blogs i had written about my inner feelings and imaginations and about my life. In this 5 th post, i would like to put some force on the facts of today’s India. India gets its key findings from the rural India on Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC). Its being disclosed on 3rd of July, 2015. And this below poverty line survey is conducted every 5 years to identify the poor households in the rural areas of India.

The following are the results of the survey :





According to me , The conditions behind an Emerging digital India are very sensitive and the bad. Around 73% of households are rural, among these , approx 49% are reportable to deprived. 😮
The main motto behind sharing this survey is to take a look on the condition in a different way! According to me, The Government of India is investing 4.5L crore, an equal or half amount can be invest to build homes for the deprived rural people. India is booming towards development , on the other side ,  23.52% of the members age above 25 in rural households are illiterate. The government are taking steps, simultaneously with the promise of digital India, PM Narendra Modi, promised 18 Lakhs jobs, The TOI (Times of India) are doing a good work, by encouraging the education sector. As a human we should contribute to the benefits , and opportunities are always there within , we have to search for  them.

Request to all Indians, just make it out to something for the betterment. 😇

– Sakshi Bhomia

Questions without Answers!


We live in a society, where an judgement arises at a faster rate rather than answers to the situations.
Point? Hahaha, i know i know this statement is just so tactful. 😅
What do i feel is that, there are hundreds and hundreds of questions which are not answered but judged first. We always judge an idea, an opinion, a human merely by accepting the ‘ Only Heard Conversations But Not Listened. ’
You must be thinking which questions am i talking about? 😁
Questions about self, about surrounding, about other beings, about all the living and no living.
All these might end up in your mind too. But mine are as simple as difficult too understand 😂
1. Am i really fat? (Though i am), it seems to be never ending question. 🙊
2. Am i so innocent or i just pretend to be?
3. Whether any girl in india can complete their studies and their fulfil dreams with no pressure of marriage from family? 😶
3. Will i be so strong, to say the any truth in the future?
4. Will we be friends ahead, who are our chocolates now? Ohh noo! I don’t wont to leave my chocolates. 😦
5. Will the person we love now, will be the person w3 will live for?
6. Can people would be more kind?:oops:
7. Would there will be the world without evils like pollution, corruption, illness. Would it be?
8. Will accident growth rate be downward sloping?😟
9. Does all human beings will be their own heroes and own heroines?
10. Do development will reach to each and every corner of the world?😵
And lot many questions. 😂 But before we reach out to the answers , there will be more than tonnes of judgments for each particular question.
Say we have 10 questions,
*Each with 2 answers and 10 judgements.
The counting will be 20 answers and 100 judgments.*
Oh my gosh! 😕 I am scared now 😅
Conclusion of this blog :
Questions with Answers are great rather than Judgements with Questions. Am i right? 😛

Dil se. ❤

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mai aanaa❤
Laa laa la la lara laaa laa laa

Another day went, another night on the way.
“And I’m still here listening to this song, waiting for that one miracle, thinking about beloved ones, and imagining about those moments which are not yet happened.”😇

I assume that there are a lot of muddled things in my life, but in contradict i feel its all clear. If something is necessary and missing then its The Way that how I am gonna fulfill my dreams.💛

College has been started and am back to the routine, after this year I’ll be graduate. 😁
Lets see what comes with in the future, hopes for the best 😍

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A Stranger in the WordPress world.

Its my first blog, and i m stuck in here!

Before reaching here i did some minutes googling about blogging, blogs, blogger.
But seriously i didn’t get to understand much actually none.

There’s one site which describes blog as
“way to express yourself” , This little sentence made my mind and heart to write it here.

I don’t know whether my blog is being going to viewed or not but, there’s some information about me:

I am an Indian.

A middle class (as classified classes in society) human being, Marwari by caste living in a small family with Parents and Brothers.

A girl who is in love with little things which brings smile on all our faces, talking and talking with the closed ones is my thing, and i love writing.

I think that’s enough for the introduction!
I hope i could do the lovely blogs here ☺