Life goes on!

When you think, it is all gonna go well That’s when it is! You face another not so okay moment. When you realize, our heart and mind are at peace That’s when it is! Your body says – Hey buddy, am here to disappoint you. 🙂 When you consider yourself as a reason behind someone’s […]

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She belongs there 🍁

  She belongs there, life stays where In the musings of a nightmare. Lost in the ardor of moon, Where dark nights are the boon. She ought to be performing, performing well In those muddled roads to home, they said. She belongs there, life stays where In the musings of nightmare. #NightThoughts 👻🍁 – SakshiBhomia […]

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Who am I? 👀

There are so many years i’ve lived on this beautiful planet of different species and still going on. I am almost 7,270 days old i.e 19years, 10months, 27days + 9months in mumma’s womb. Uff a long way though! And in approximately 1month near, my teenage life would be vanish *voom voom* 😥 😅 And a […]

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Dil ki baatein

Dil ki baatein, dil hi jaane Aao jo karib humare, saare gum harjaane. Hoke door bhi, jo ho paas tum Hoke tumhare, firr bhi jo hai majboor hum. Dil karein aajayein paas tumhare, Aurr ho jaao tum kaidii humare. Waqt ke haaton hai zindagi, In palo ko roka naa karo. Hoton par zikr har pal […]

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She is waiting. 💛

When all her secrets caught away, When love becomes her top priority. When he is confused, When he is not getting a way to work out. When friends are up on the argument, They don’t try to understand. When failures strike, Or success seems to be far. When her present ain’t shiny, And her future […]

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Ifs and Buts

Hola, 👻 Uff! that’s a long time since I’d written any blog post. Now, I will just explode my thoughts. Remember those “ ifs and buts ” ruined your 5 minutes thought with *Infinite OverThinking* These simple conjunctions “IF and BUT” are not as simple as they seem. They are as positive as negative. Instances […]

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An emotional day.

Hey there you lovely people! Guess What ? I am over the moon. No no not really, Obviously am on this beautiful planet Earth itself. 😅 Its just that I am happy to the core, its my 7th blog, since May and blog has been viewed 131times by you pretty people. Obviously that dose not […]

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