Searching for Solution. 

Hello beings.

By saying beings, I am representing all living beings currently searching for something on this beautiful planet called E A R T H. But specifically, creatures who possess power in the real world yes you are right we are discussing about YOU and ME.

We are a now a family of approx. 7.4 billion creatures likeminded and we are reproducing at faster rate. That means we will be adding nearly 2.5 billion by 2050. A rise of 33% from now according to Population Reference Bureau, 2016. (

Suppose we are in the space and now if we peek into our planet from the universe’s window, I am really amazed and suddenly all my inhibitions, fears and insecurities are at peak. Because negatives are reaching to each hook and every corner instead of some organic [yeah yeah today’s positive] hopes.

The scenario would be somewhat like this:

A sense of ignorance is locking up the feets
Hands are being holded tight with zero humanity

Under arrest are the mind and soul behind the bars of aggression

Mothers, sisters & wifes became the sufferers of cold blooded deaths

Fathers, brothers & husbands became the sufferers in demise

Evils are roaming freely, angels do not exist any more

World is moving towards some invisible black hollowness

And then a digital chart showed up and it states the data of crime happening in each direction, we will find an increasing percentage (higher from the rate of population) per year. Let us assume it will rise up to 50% by 2050. And now assume 3/4t of 7.5 billion i.e. 5.63 billion people are criminals. So the math comes to 8.43 billion criminals out of 10 billion people. 

I peeked out of the window *sighs* and continue to type my complete post.

The fact remains constant everybody is searching for some or the other thing with greedy soul. Making it obvious that we are unsatisfied beings. The search for getting more and more is leading our earth to this black hole. From where the quote “Every end is the new beginning” will not equate to.

To blossom our planet in greens and blues we all must take a step forward to make it happen. Our government must take rapid rigid and effective plan to get rid of this. 

For example if we consider a particular crime of assault. Make a portal for lodging complaints, make a network specifically to resolve this particular crime, connect the youth, getting it in interiors as well as in exteriors, make it free to lodge and file a case, hire more responsible officials to combat this offence, maybe start experimenting a short term trial. But Just make it happen. Plan some solution. Do it.

Signing off frome a thought turned into a blog. Till then create peace & live in peace.


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