that one fine thing we forget giving credits to….

Heya let’s go to the park of dreams, heavybuild emotions and variety of vibes. Now imagine we are in the middle of that park & they are stepping forward at 0.277 meter / second or faster by double the units. Making it obvious the damn brain is going to be a mess. We need to arrest this mess for a whole lifeline and throw it in the recycle bin. This ought to happen because of our shields. 

Yes the SHIELDS. 

Right from the womb till the grave, there are shields​ at every stage, humans are being protected and guided. Be it Maya ( illusion ), Vasnas/Raga ( Lust ),  Dvesha ( Hatred ) or some another nouns and verbs all are being retracted because of the Koshas ( Sheath / Shield ) to protect our Atman ( Soul ), Citta ( Mind ) and Sharir ( Body ). Ohkay much sanskrit for this blog 😅. Coming to the point each hook and corner of ourselves are under the light of shields. 

Shields maybe in any form : God for hopeless, a roof top for homeless, parents / teacher for a pathless child, medicines for diseases, yoga and exercises for body, and many more. They aren’t *the ultimate* their job is to guide you , tell you , warn you. But to be healthy in all aspects shields want us to listen, understand and practice until you reach the peak. 

Just for example,

If someone smokes despite of warnings they aren’t the *protected* beings because they open a large door for the negativity and no whole for positivity. Yet after the realisation shields make them strong to fight back and undo some of the side effects. 

The best investment must be these shields and Return on Investment would be cheer, love, positivity, etc in huge amounts.

The light in you shields against all the dark

The cold shields your fold towards detrimental stage

Love shields us to believe in colours

Time shields you against the failure.

Many more Shields, protecting you, me and us.

Ps: Please do take time to read and give feedback. 


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