The S L O W – M O’S

Namastey to all the readers! Hoping to come all good once again. I am here writing after a long pause of 3 months because of less or no motivation and some excuses of being busy. Therefore making up for the losses of my writings, will tap down thoughts more as often as possible. 

Being idle with no work right now, my mind thinks a lot. That’s when I got the topic to type on “The S L O W – M O’s ”

In a fast moving world where people with impulsive feel and aggressive nature are more in ratio then the people with patience and not so aggressiveness. The type 2 people are what I call them slow motioners. They ain’t lazy and unproductive but ones who want everything in flow with no shortcuts. Coming up on a ladder with not skipping any of legs slow mos make life better with growing and pateince.

Love in fastmoving world with high expectations causes mental illness​ while in a slow world leads to soul happiness. Greed and lust are some verbs emerged due to the people’s uneasy nature. 

We is a result of healthy minds and less expectations.

You and me are a result of speeding up and high expectations.

So let’s just pause listen and then react.

And be slow – mo’s atleast in some aspects of life and enjoy. 


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