​Hello from the other side…

I was actually wondering if after all these days you’d like to meet me here. I’ve not been active at all since months but yeah that does not mean I was not in the memories of wordpress, I was alive πŸ‘…. I am not gonna count on reasons because somewhere they are synonymous to excuses. It’s just an attempt, an endeavor and a little faith on myself to regain some of you.

29th December, 2016 – Thursday.

What I believe is that in every aspect of being in a relationship with anyone out there, understanding is must. It has been an eternal part of love. And ofcourse sound understanding prevents any person from speaking/thinking ill. There have been many studies around it. I want to add some flying colours to the concept.

It get started since toddler hood till the age until you die. Like any other process, understanding goes through the same flowchart : Raw Materials then work in progress and lastly finished products but get stuck in between work in progress and final products. Because when you put your understanding in two same situations with different people you’ll get different results. You never know how the situation or the person will bounce back. You are then left with so many conclusions. According to me, Understanding is a process ” In the making ” just like a movie with never ending sequels. Suppose you and me starts a journey, we go on grasping the information then analysing it then understanding the whole lot and finally leading towards a sensible similar conclusion. But path comes along with miracles and disasters which affects the process of understanding of both you and me. You might conclude the journey with a happy note, I might not. And here you go, two understandings from the same journey. You understand love, you understand hate you understand everything according to your experience and hence it can be termed as enduring. It will grow with your experience to live. There is one thing, we never understand the thing fully even when we dig it to the core. Either because we do not will or we have not reached that position. And thereby it nurtures as time passes. And is a must in each cycle of life.

Maybe I would connect more effectively this way :

She starts living and loving one day.

Her mind and soul sets gay.

Repetitions of conversation was her solo doing

One guy made those butterflies ping in her

Love started blooming and they started grooving

Eventually they were on the same page

And somehow they felt good to be in love cage.

Tables starts turning around

Things started leaving the bound.

Here comes the hero of the play

Understanding bind the souls again. 

Cushions and bed though supports this chain. πŸ‘…

Signing off with a wide smile.

Keep nuturing your understanding. πŸ‘»

Posting on 30th December, 2016, 01:00 am


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