A book and it’s cover – the story unfolds again.

Happy to see myself here on WordPress as sharing thoughts to the outside world. If my blogs could reach 1/10th of people and accedes with my thoughts, I will be more than happy. Here is another thought turning into a blog.

I had a blog post on judgements before. Nevertheless the topic has a great potential to discuss over and over again. It’s being said We must not judge a book by it’s cover. Applies to people, place, situations, relationships, food, technology, clothes, everything and anything. Let’s just visualise the following examples to get us think upon on our judgements once again:

  • Place and people : When you are new to a place and searching for your destination, the tech-less approach would be communicating with people.  Obviously in front of you there is a myraid of options. After evaluating the surrounding our minds naturally pass judgements and based on these judgments you eliminate the other options. Now you prioritize the final approaches. You have 4 final approaches : A lady in formal pink blouse and a grey trouser, thellewaala selling off his street food *chapati pani puri* , a school boy wandering in his own world, a youth similar to you. The first would be the youth but she/he is on the same plane as you are. Next must be that thellewaala but he couldn’t help you because he is not recollecting the address properly, you may have gol gappes there 👻. Third would be the school boy but he could tell only the half way out. And lastly you approach that lady. With no enthusiasm you ask her and get a reply. “Yes, even I am heading towards the same destination” You feel light and bright, finally its aver that I am not lost. 👅 These options , priorities may vary but the process of judging and evaluating remains same. You can’t help you to stop judging people, in this case that’s the basic nature of human.
  • Food : Everyone’s hot topic is food. Let me share an experience, someone just ordered a subway sandwich for me costing around 300 bucks. When the order came I was sanguine about it but tasted pathetic. 😐 I did not eat a single bite then. Just an example of desired results not meeting with actual results.
  • Situations : Listening/reading/ watching to media we get to know that our government is not up to the mark and eventually start degrading it. But we don’t know they too go through difficulties. Day before yesterday there was a post on Quora that Prime minister Narendra Modi personally intervened to improve the condition of rain ravaged NH 208 (A) connecting Tripura ( State of India ) to the rest country in few days. While the Kashmir’s case is a slow one. We have to look upon the intensity of the cases. Every coin has two sides. 😋 

From the above examples, it is clear that we have to keep ourselves open and accept things with judicious mind. ☺ The recent changes :

  1. HC allows woman to enter Mumbai Dargah’s sanctrum, August 27.
  2. Ladies with medals in Rio , 2016. 

    Breaks the stereotype “Man is more stronger than woman” again. Thorough evaluation of situations is must. This would eventually ameliorate the condition of our country and will lead to happening lives. An open minded approach is all we need.

    Nothing hurts more than a wrong judgement either from strangers or from own ones.

    ~A girl comes late at home, they say must be coming from a party.

    A girl on her way to home from a party get raped, they say must be her choice.

    A girl wear shorts on a day out or a night out, they say must be careless for herself~

    No offence to any boys out there, being a girl I can relate it better and hence much of girl’s instances. Judgements without a deep knowledge is a no no. I hope you all get the purpose behind this post.

    I’ll take a leave here by. See you all soon.

    Be wise. Be open. Be free. Be happy.

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