It is a dream of every human residing on Earth to live peacefully without major havocs, ohh no no not everyone is dreaming the same. Yes, there are exceptions. Then who & what all are the exceptions?

Radical thinkers who turns to be extremists or terrorists, Racists, Influencers who influence thinking process of a sober human to a radical extremist human and insist to join these exceptions. They are no good at all for developing society, for our growing international friendships, for the young and liberals, for anyone and anything out there. These were examples of the mankind who are against humanity

What about the concepts damaging the world as a whole? Misogyny, hatred, racism, lack of good power. These concepts must be eradicated from the roots. 

What about the effects and other situations which are important to be analysed. Malnutrition, unemployment, lack of resources, bad infrastructure and so on. 

An example to illustrate the situation

Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition. This translates into the unnecessary loss of about 3 mn young lives every year. 

There are still prodigious of examples which can state the need and requirement of the string and correct vision. ( I googled the above example , searched it on various other issues too not getting the exact numbers ) 

Till now discussion was on the international issues/concerns considering humanity as base and global benefits. Lets talk about a specially mankind’s dreamland, what would be in his dreams? 👀 Say a beautiful life, an honest and worderful future and well organised present in general. 😌 This could be differ though from different age groups, sexes, the present roles ( child, wife or a parent , etc).

All this could be attainable. Yes it is, then how ? I am not a palmreader though let me give a try. 👅

A loving partner and family, Positive thoughts, discipline, lots of love,  can be the extreme of reasons to make dreams our dreamland.

Signing off, in short weather globally locally or personally we must learn to love mankind and respect the right tenets laid by them. Endeavors are necessary. Be blessed and fight against the odds. 


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