Life goes on!

When you think, it is all gonna go well

That’s when it is! You face another not so okay moment.

When you realize, our heart and mind are at peace

That’s when it is! Your body says – Hey buddy, am here to disappoint you. 🙂

When you consider yourself as a reason behind someone’s happiness,

That’s when it is! Time slaps you at your face and say – Hello! Its me, you are the only reason for their sadness.

When you excited to plan out something and it feels great to do so,

That’s when it is! Destiny announces – Not this time baby. *HeHaHaHaHa*

When you love to start loving yourself with an optimistic vision,

And guess what, That’s when it is! People around breaks you apart from your self 🙂

This high roller coaster – called life by many human beings is just like those above situations.

The moment you start raising up and reach the peak, it gives you failure in abundance.

No no no not to look down but to look up once again, to start a very new beginning.

Once again you will discover yourself with new and higher dimensions.

Once again you will start loving people whom you made feel low.

And once again you will start reliving your life.


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