Who am I? 👀

There are so many years i’ve lived on this beautiful planet of different species and still going on. I am almost 7,270 days old i.e 19years, 10months, 27days + 9months in mumma’s womb. Uff a long way though! And in approximately 1month near, my teenage life would be vanish *voom voom* 😥 😅

And a Question goes through my veins, wandering what things I really did worthy all this long way? *WHO AM I* 😶


The answer is Nothing like really nothing. 😂

9 months :
Struggling in forming myself. 😀

3rd February, 1996 :
I I I came outside where lot of hand were in que to hold me. 😀

1st three years :
Spent learning to stand, to speak, to walk, to learn the surroundings. 😀

Then after 10 years of schooling :
#ThoseDays” were like *😍😍😍*

• Learned to Step outside without family.
• Learned to Understand the ethics
perspective to outside world
• Understand the meaning of education,
• Learned to communicate with more people.
• Started making friends even best friend.

More 6 years :
Trying to implement the above learning, getting more exposure to outside world.👀

In all the way,

The black part is :
I am still not able to speak my view points, I am still not standing on my beliefs, I am still learning to love, still struggling in the education, Still working on my brain – heart, Still struggling in forming myself, I am still nothing. Am I?

And the white part is : #❤
I am enjoying the stages.
Its flowing good.
I am a daughter who loves her parents to the moon.
A sister, a Best-friend, a Friend, Lover, More importantly a human being rising, raising,  to be more efficient at her duty as a being on earth.

All the way more questions to future :
1) What I ll do with my life?
2) Career of mine?
3) Will I be more stronger or vice versa?
4) Will i ll get my personal choices in my personal life? 😋

Conclusion is : #LetItFlow 👣❤

– SakshiBhomia ©


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