She is waiting. 💛

When all her secrets caught away,
When love becomes her top priority.

When he is confused,
When he is not getting a way to work out.

When friends are up on the argument,
They don’t try to understand.

When failures strike,
Or success seems to be far.

When her present ain’t shiny,
And her future clearly seems to be invisible.

She is waiting 💛

She is waiting for the Pride, that love , that understanding , the peace , the calmness , the success , those dreams; She is waiting. ❤

And she will wait till,

Love says ‛ Yes I do Love your life, am living in it for a long unending time. ’

Dreams says ‛ Here are you, here are we, just chase them out, No restrictions. ’

Strength gives her ‛ mere power to Forgive and Forget. ’

Importantly she will wait with,

No regrets,
No fear,
No hatred.

She is waiting at the doorsteps of happiness. 👣

– Sakshi Bhomia


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