Ifs and Buts

Hola, 👻
Uff! that’s a long time since I’d written any blog post. Now, I will just explode my thoughts. Remember those ifs and buts ruined your 5 minutes thought with *Infinite OverThinking*

These simple conjunctions “IF and BUT” are not as simple as they seem. They are as positive as negative. Instances are as follows:

1. What if I can do that?
2. What if I couldn’t?

3. But that’s not the way , how it was going to happen!
4. But yes, this way is more interesting.

This sounds clear: the approach what matters not the words. Positivity can make you happy while negativity brings you down at the stage of depression.

There’s no in between in life either Yes or No.
No Ifs and Buts though. 😋

– Sakshi Bhomia


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