Good In Bad – INDIA 💜

Hello / Namaskar / Sat sri aakal / Aadab /
Ram Ram / Kem cho? 😛
Its almost my four blogs i had written about my inner feelings and imaginations and about my life. In this 5 th post, i would like to put some force on the facts of today’s India. India gets its key findings from the rural India on Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC). Its being disclosed on 3rd of July, 2015. And this below poverty line survey is conducted every 5 years to identify the poor households in the rural areas of India.

The following are the results of the survey :





According to me , The conditions behind an Emerging digital India are very sensitive and the bad. Around 73% of households are rural, among these , approx 49% are reportable to deprived. 😮
The main motto behind sharing this survey is to take a look on the condition in a different way! According to me, The Government of India is investing 4.5L crore, an equal or half amount can be invest to build homes for the deprived rural people. India is booming towards development , on the other side ,  23.52% of the members age above 25 in rural households are illiterate. The government are taking steps, simultaneously with the promise of digital India, PM Narendra Modi, promised 18 Lakhs jobs, The TOI (Times of India) are doing a good work, by encouraging the education sector. As a human we should contribute to the benefits , and opportunities are always there within , we have to search for  them.

Request to all Indians, just make it out to something for the betterment. 😇

– Sakshi Bhomia


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