Every Day Matters?

Now that’s interesting how could one know the number of days, they gonna live? Let me give a try, Oh my gosh i have left with 20,440 days that means 4,90,650 hours; 672 months; and only 56 years more. Is that sufficient for my dreams or it seems to be frightening? 😳 I am laying down on my bed, writing down this blog, simultaneously thinking a lot of things. And a thought strike over my nerves, that i should paper down the wants, the needs, the dreams i wish to live each freaking day. (Above image is fake or not, i dont know, but this can really change some of the thinking process of people, who knows?) πŸ˜‰ Back to the main concern, *Imagine in next 10 years you are an achiever of your dreams, you possess a work you love to do, you did the hard work and after those 10 years, you have a vintage luxury car, you own a house, you are settled down with your beloved Girlfriend/Boyfriend, you have many clothes, shoes, bags, you are having a great time. πŸ™ˆ* A aha an! that sounds so good. 😍 But as they says, β€œ As you sow, so shall you reap” Without continuous efforts, there’s nothing going to work. I am writing my second blog, i don’t know whether it’ll inspire someone just to try to take a step for making life better or not, but somewhere in the middle, while writing i am explaining, inspiring myself. β€œ Everyday matters, no matter what. ” Make people happy around you, make love to your loved ones, live each hour of the day. ❀


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