Searching for Solution. 

Hello beings.

By saying beings, I am representing all living beings currently searching for something on this beautiful planet called E A R T H. But specifically, creatures who possess power in the real world yes you are right we are discussing about YOU and ME.

We are a now a family of approx. 7.4 billion creatures likeminded and we are reproducing at faster rate. That means we will be adding nearly 2.5 billion by 2050. A rise of 33% from now according to Population Reference Bureau, 2016. (

Suppose we are in the space and now if we peek into our planet from the universe’s window, I am really amazed and suddenly all my inhibitions, fears and insecurities are at peak. Because negatives are reaching to each hook and every corner instead of some organic [yeah yeah today’s positive] hopes.

The scenario would be somewhat like this:

A sense of ignorance is locking up the feets
Hands are being holded tight with zero humanity

Under arrest are the mind and soul behind the bars of aggression

Mothers, sisters & wifes became the sufferers of cold blooded deaths

Fathers, brothers & husbands became the sufferers in demise

Evils are roaming freely, angels do not exist any more

World is moving towards some invisible black hollowness

And then a digital chart showed up and it states the data of crime happening in each direction, we will find an increasing percentage (higher from the rate of population) per year. Let us assume it will rise up to 50% by 2050. And now assume 3/4t of 7.5 billion i.e. 5.63 billion people are criminals. So the math comes to 8.43 billion criminals out of 10 billion people. 

I peeked out of the window *sighs* and continue to type my complete post.

The fact remains constant everybody is searching for some or the other thing with greedy soul. Making it obvious that we are unsatisfied beings. The search for getting more and more is leading our earth to this black hole. From where the quote “Every end is the new beginning” will not equate to.

To blossom our planet in greens and blues we all must take a step forward to make it happen. Our government must take rapid rigid and effective plan to get rid of this. 

For example if we consider a particular crime of assault. Make a portal for lodging complaints, make a network specifically to resolve this particular crime, connect the youth, getting it in interiors as well as in exteriors, make it free to lodge and file a case, hire more responsible officials to combat this offence, maybe start experimenting a short term trial. But Just make it happen. Plan some solution. Do it.

Signing off frome a thought turned into a blog. Till then create peace & live in peace.



that one fine thing we forget giving credits to….

Heya let’s go to the park of dreams, heavybuild emotions and variety of vibes. Now imagine we are in the middle of that park & they are stepping forward at 0.277 meter / second or faster by double the units. Making it obvious the damn brain is going to be a mess. We need to arrest this mess for a whole lifeline and throw it in the recycle bin. This ought to happen because of our shields. 

Yes the SHIELDS. 

Right from the womb till the grave, there are shields​ at every stage, humans are being protected and guided. Be it Maya ( illusion ), Vasnas/Raga ( Lust ),  Dvesha ( Hatred ) or some another nouns and verbs all are being retracted because of the Koshas ( Sheath / Shield ) to protect our Atman ( Soul ), Citta ( Mind ) and Sharir ( Body ). Ohkay much sanskrit for this blog 😅. Coming to the point each hook and corner of ourselves are under the light of shields. 

Shields maybe in any form : God for hopeless, a roof top for homeless, parents / teacher for a pathless child, medicines for diseases, yoga and exercises for body, and many more. They aren’t *the ultimate* their job is to guide you , tell you , warn you. But to be healthy in all aspects shields want us to listen, understand and practice until you reach the peak. 

Just for example,

If someone smokes despite of warnings they aren’t the *protected* beings because they open a large door for the negativity and no whole for positivity. Yet after the realisation shields make them strong to fight back and undo some of the side effects. 

The best investment must be these shields and Return on Investment would be cheer, love, positivity, etc in huge amounts.

The light in you shields against all the dark

The cold shields your fold towards detrimental stage

Love shields us to believe in colours

Time shields you against the failure.

Many more Shields, protecting you, me and us.

Ps: Please do take time to read and give feedback. 

The S L O W – M O’S

Namastey to all the readers! Hoping to come all good once again. I am here writing after a long pause of 3 months because of less or no motivation and some excuses of being busy. Therefore making up for the losses of my writings, will tap down thoughts more as often as possible. 

Being idle with no work right now, my mind thinks a lot. That’s when I got the topic to type on “The S L O W – M O’s ”

In a fast moving world where people with impulsive feel and aggressive nature are more in ratio then the people with patience and not so aggressiveness. The type 2 people are what I call them slow motioners. They ain’t lazy and unproductive but ones who want everything in flow with no shortcuts. Coming up on a ladder with not skipping any of legs slow mos make life better with growing and pateince.

Love in fastmoving world with high expectations causes mental illness​ while in a slow world leads to soul happiness. Greed and lust are some verbs emerged due to the people’s uneasy nature. 

We is a result of healthy minds and less expectations.

You and me are a result of speeding up and high expectations.

So let’s just pause listen and then react.

And be slow – mo’s atleast in some aspects of life and enjoy. 


Hello from the other side…

I was actually wondering if after all these days you’d like to meet me here. I’ve not been active at all since months but yeah that does not mean I was not in the memories of wordpress, I was alive 👅. I am not gonna count on reasons because somewhere they are synonymous to excuses. It’s just an attempt, an endeavor and a little faith on myself to regain some of you.

29th December, 2016 – Thursday.

What I believe is that in every aspect of being in a relationship with anyone out there, understanding is must. It has been an eternal part of love. And ofcourse sound understanding prevents any person from speaking/thinking ill. There have been many studies around it. I want to add some flying colours to the concept.

It get started since toddler hood till the age until you die. Like any other process, understanding goes through the same flowchart : Raw Materials then work in progress and lastly finished products but get stuck in between work in progress and final products. Because when you put your understanding in two same situations with different people you’ll get different results. You never know how the situation or the person will bounce back. You are then left with so many conclusions. According to me, Understanding is a process ” In the making ” just like a movie with never ending sequels. Suppose you and me starts a journey, we go on grasping the information then analysing it then understanding the whole lot and finally leading towards a sensible similar conclusion. But path comes along with miracles and disasters which affects the process of understanding of both you and me. You might conclude the journey with a happy note, I might not. And here you go, two understandings from the same journey. You understand love, you understand hate you understand everything according to your experience and hence it can be termed as enduring. It will grow with your experience to live. There is one thing, we never understand the thing fully even when we dig it to the core. Either because we do not will or we have not reached that position. And thereby it nurtures as time passes. And is a must in each cycle of life.

Maybe I would connect more effectively this way :

She starts living and loving one day.

Her mind and soul sets gay.

Repetitions of conversation was her solo doing

One guy made those butterflies ping in her

Love started blooming and they started grooving

Eventually they were on the same page

And somehow they felt good to be in love cage.

Tables starts turning around

Things started leaving the bound.

Here comes the hero of the play

Understanding bind the souls again. 

Cushions and bed though supports this chain. 👅

Signing off with a wide smile.

Keep nuturing your understanding. 👻

Posting on 30th December, 2016, 01:00 am

A book and it’s cover – the story unfolds again.

Happy to see myself here on WordPress as sharing thoughts to the outside world. If my blogs could reach 1/10th of people and accedes with my thoughts, I will be more than happy. Here is another thought turning into a blog.

I had a blog post on judgements before. Nevertheless the topic has a great potential to discuss over and over again. It’s being said We must not judge a book by it’s cover. Applies to people, place, situations, relationships, food, technology, clothes, everything and anything. Let’s just visualise the following examples to get us think upon on our judgements once again:

  • Place and people : When you are new to a place and searching for your destination, the tech-less approach would be communicating with people.  Obviously in front of you there is a myraid of options. After evaluating the surrounding our minds naturally pass judgements and based on these judgments you eliminate the other options. Now you prioritize the final approaches. You have 4 final approaches : A lady in formal pink blouse and a grey trouser, thellewaala selling off his street food *chapati pani puri* , a school boy wandering in his own world, a youth similar to you. The first would be the youth but she/he is on the same plane as you are. Next must be that thellewaala but he couldn’t help you because he is not recollecting the address properly, you may have gol gappes there 👻. Third would be the school boy but he could tell only the half way out. And lastly you approach that lady. With no enthusiasm you ask her and get a reply. “Yes, even I am heading towards the same destination” You feel light and bright, finally its aver that I am not lost. 👅 These options , priorities may vary but the process of judging and evaluating remains same. You can’t help you to stop judging people, in this case that’s the basic nature of human.
  • Food : Everyone’s hot topic is food. Let me share an experience, someone just ordered a subway sandwich for me costing around 300 bucks. When the order came I was sanguine about it but tasted pathetic. 😐 I did not eat a single bite then. Just an example of desired results not meeting with actual results.
  • Situations : Listening/reading/ watching to media we get to know that our government is not up to the mark and eventually start degrading it. But we don’t know they too go through difficulties. Day before yesterday there was a post on Quora that Prime minister Narendra Modi personally intervened to improve the condition of rain ravaged NH 208 (A) connecting Tripura ( State of India ) to the rest country in few days. While the Kashmir’s case is a slow one. We have to look upon the intensity of the cases. Every coin has two sides. 😋 

From the above examples, it is clear that we have to keep ourselves open and accept things with judicious mind. ☺ The recent changes :

  1. HC allows woman to enter Mumbai Dargah’s sanctrum, August 27.
  2. Ladies with medals in Rio , 2016. 

    Breaks the stereotype “Man is more stronger than woman” again. Thorough evaluation of situations is must. This would eventually ameliorate the condition of our country and will lead to happening lives. An open minded approach is all we need.

    Nothing hurts more than a wrong judgement either from strangers or from own ones.

    ~A girl comes late at home, they say must be coming from a party.

    A girl on her way to home from a party get raped, they say must be her choice.

    A girl wear shorts on a day out or a night out, they say must be careless for herself~

    No offence to any boys out there, being a girl I can relate it better and hence much of girl’s instances. Judgements without a deep knowledge is a no no. I hope you all get the purpose behind this post.

    I’ll take a leave here by. See you all soon.

    Be wise. Be open. Be free. Be happy.


    It is a dream of every human residing on Earth to live peacefully without major havocs, ohh no no not everyone is dreaming the same. Yes, there are exceptions. Then who & what all are the exceptions?

    Radical thinkers who turns to be extremists or terrorists, Racists, Influencers who influence thinking process of a sober human to a radical extremist human and insist to join these exceptions. They are no good at all for developing society, for our growing international friendships, for the young and liberals, for anyone and anything out there. These were examples of the mankind who are against humanity

    What about the concepts damaging the world as a whole? Misogyny, hatred, racism, lack of good power. These concepts must be eradicated from the roots. 

    What about the effects and other situations which are important to be analysed. Malnutrition, unemployment, lack of resources, bad infrastructure and so on. 

    An example to illustrate the situation

    Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition. This translates into the unnecessary loss of about 3 mn young lives every year. 

    There are still prodigious of examples which can state the need and requirement of the string and correct vision. ( I googled the above example , searched it on various other issues too not getting the exact numbers ) 

    Till now discussion was on the international issues/concerns considering humanity as base and global benefits. Lets talk about a specially mankind’s dreamland, what would be in his dreams? 👀 Say a beautiful life, an honest and worderful future and well organised present in general. 😌 This could be differ though from different age groups, sexes, the present roles ( child, wife or a parent , etc).

    All this could be attainable. Yes it is, then how ? I am not a palmreader though let me give a try. 👅

    A loving partner and family, Positive thoughts, discipline, lots of love,  can be the extreme of reasons to make dreams our dreamland.

    Signing off, in short weather globally locally or personally we must learn to love mankind and respect the right tenets laid by them. Endeavors are necessary. Be blessed and fight against the odds. 

    Do jaan , Do dil.

    Do jaan , Do dil.
    Ik raah , Ikko hi manzil.
    Hazaron sapne sang liye dhero rang ke,
    Kuch kahe kuch ankahe.
    Kayyi armaan, Milon ka sang.

    Ik Kashti mai ye sab , theekana jiska nahi.
    Bass yun kehlo , jahaan modri –
    Udti hawaein – badhti lehrein,
    Vahin se nayii raah bana leti ye kashti humari.

    Ik din milegi udaan sapno ko,
    Hoga basera armaano ka,
    Faaslein kam ho jaane,
    Har rang mai dil rang jaane,
    Uss din do dil ik jaan ho jaane.

    #LetItFlow ❤